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Site Shut For Breaking Own Copyright

The copyrighted content on Quote Unquote Records' ( website was taken offline by its Web host due to infringement of its own copyright, according to record label founder Jeff Rosenstock.

"A little over a week ago, I was notified by my web hosting company that I had some files of copyrighted music on my website," wrote Rosenstock on his MySpace page Sunday. "The files were songs by ASOB that had been up there for about five years which I had forgotten about. These were songs that I had written. I spoke to a person on the phone who said 'well, OK, if those are your songs then never mind.'"

Rosenstock proceeded to remove four albums by band 311 which were also copyrighted; however, these precautions did not prevent the host from taking the site down three days later because of hosting copyrighted files on the site, which is a violation of the terms of service.

"The only way I could get my site back up and running would be to mail my registered copyright forms to them," he wrote. "I called the company to explain that a lot of this material was NOT in fact registered with the US copyright office, instead we did the ol' poor man's copyright. The music that was copyrighted was done so under a Creative Commons License, which is a digital copyright that cannot be viewed if the website where the files are posted is down."

Rosenstock suggests that the site's unnamed host went too far by ignoring his attempts at explaining his situation.

"I guess the scary thing for me is that it seems that my hosting server (and others who i have spoken to about this incident while looking to move locations) employs a guilty before proven innocent policy, which is terrifying for anyone who does not physically mail forms for every small idea they've ever had in their bedroom to the US copyright office."

As the frontman for band "The Arrogant Sons of Bitches" Rosenstock is not shy about getting his message out, which has been picked up by sources as diverse as PC Magazine (, Punk News ( and National Public Radio (

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