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Future Hosting launches 'Server Doctor'

Future Hosting, an Internet solutions provider serving small to medium sized businesses, today announced it has launched its custom-developed automatic server maintenance and repair software suite for Managed Virtual Private Servers, dubbed Server Doctor.

The company states that the software is designed to automate time consuming server configuration and repair tasks, allowing customers to receive a greater level of technical support than previously available, when technicians had to manually perform these operations. Server Doctor performs weekly system health and security checks automatically.

The company declared that with Server Doctor, all Managed Virtual Private Server customers receive a weekly server health report detailing a range of information, including rootkit scan results, memory usage, hard drive capacity, available software upgrades, and more at no additional charge.

Server Doctor also automatically removes suspicious files from the temporary directory, rotates log files, and stops processes creating excessive memory usage.

"Server Doctor allows us to take proactive technical support to an entirely new, unprecedented level," said Sagar Agrawal, Future Hosting Chief Technology Officer.

"By creating software to executive time consuming operations that our technicians used to perform manually, we can better leverage our resources to provide a higher level of personal service.

Most significantly, we can offer technical services that would never have been feasible in the past. This is truly an important innovation for our company, and most directly, our customers."

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