Sky Broadband routers hit by security flaw

The SkyUser consumer website reports that Sky Broadband's (BSkyB) Netgear v2 DG934g based router modems have a security flaw, which given a degree of technical know-how, could be exploited to gain a customers username and password.

Most recently it has been discovered that the Netgear V1 DG834GT based routers may suffer from a similar vulnerability, albeit only if you use the hardware’s Wireless capabilities and default WPA Passphrase (i.e. the one printed on the sticker underneath the router):

In the meantime, for users who would prefer to take precautionary measures. We suggest that you change the routers default SSID and WPA passphrase settings.

Passphrases are best created out of random letters and numbers both in upper and lower case and perform better the longer they are. We would also advise to turn the Wireless off on your router if you do not actually want to use this functionality.

Thankfully Sky has issued a new document explaining how customers can change the default password, which can be found linked at the bottom of the related SkyUser News Item.

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