Schroff's Data Centre Tool to Drastically Cut Energy Consump

Schroff UK have today announced the release of modular cold/hot aisle system which could revolutionise the energy consumption of Data Centres worldwide.

The importance of reduced energy consumption are well understood, however in the past adding cold/hot aisles to data centre racks has required custom built, expensive products.

According to today's press release from the company, Schroff's new product promises to deliver a "simple low cost modular system of standard components that solve the problem in an effective and elegant manner."

In the current battle against climate change, a product such as will be a welcome addition to the market as the average Data Centre uses roughly 70,080,000 kW of energy per year.

Not only this, but the product is predicted to be very popular with corporations that build data centres simply for the money it could save them. It is expected that this new hot/cold aisle system could save a massive 30% of overall expenditure, with the payback period measured in a matter of weeks.

The cold/hot modular aisle system includes sliding doors, variable height panels and infill pieces. All elements are available through an installation service.

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