STC Partner With Cisco For Hosted Datacentre Services

Saudi Telecom has announced today that it will soon offer hosted datacentre services. Saudi Telecom has made it clear today that it shall be entering the world of hosting with technology partners Cisco, VMware and EMC. This means that British CIOs will now be able to purchase datacentre facilities in Saudi Arabia. The announcement marks the first Vblock Infrastructure Package (VIP) for Cisco in the Middle East and company has revealed that the datacentre itself shall be run by Cisco partner, Wipro. The package is set to combine virtualisation, networking, processing and storage technologies from the hardware giants involved with end-to-end vendor accountability. Saudi Telecom's will support several Cisco Unified Computing products within the datacentre. This hardware is said to include: Unified Computing System chassis, blade servers, storage area network switches, EMC storage and back-up and VMware vSphere software. As yet no prices for any hosting solutions have been mentioned by any of the companies involved, however an announcement on price is expected immanently.

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