Rochen goes with R1Soft’s continuous data protection

Rochen Limited announced their partnership with R1Soft to deploy their Continuous Data Protection (CDP) technology across all servers. Providing an enterprise-level backup solution, the new service will be branded as “Rochen Vault”. Beginning today, the company will offer the product free of charge to all customers hosted by Rochen out of their Dallas, Texas co-location space. Running CDP on a Network Access Storage (NAS) platform connected directly via a gigabit Cisco-powered private Local Area Network (LAN) to the server fleet, Rochen will capture hourly imaging snapshots. Rochen will retain snapshots of all their servers’ hard disks from multiple points in time including one hour, six hours, twelve hours, twenty-four hours, forty-eight hours, one week and one month ago. “As well as providing a fantastic disaster recovery tool to work in conjunction with our current backup and redundancy systems such as hardware RAID-10 with hot-spare disks, local server backups and off-site NAS file backups CDP will provide a revolutionary platform allowing our customers instant access to their backups directly through our Rochen Vault recovery site. Customers have the ability to roll-back their entire account or select individual files to roll back on the fly from any seed we have stored for them,” Ben Johnson, Head of Systems Engineering at Rochen, said in a PRWeb release. In a disaster recovery situation Rochen can quickly replace failed hardware and if need be rapidly re-image a server to operational status using any of the CDP snapshots without the need for reloading the Operating System (OS) or control panel software first. This means vastly reduced downtime and data loss compared to the conventional backup and restore systems offered by most hosting providers. Source: Top Hosts

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