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ICANN releases server attack report

The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers ( announced on Monday it has released a report on the root-server attack its systems experienced in February. According to reports, six of ICANN's DNS root servers were targeted in February but only two were significantly affected by the attack. The two that were impaired were the US Department of Defense's G-root server and ICANN's L-root server, which were also the only ones that hadn't deployed the Anycast technology as of yet. ICANN says the Anycast technology enables many servers to answer the queries to a single root server and two major benefits from this technology include the fact that servers automatically spread the impact of an attack amongst themselves and no local disaster can disrupt the operation of the root server as a whole. Within its six-page report, the company also says it has found evidence that the attack came from the Asia-Pacific region, specifically from bot nets based in South Korea, but its conclusion is speculative.

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