VirginMedia ADSL broadband problems continue

Readers may recall last weeks statement from VirginMedia, where the provider apologised for the problems its broadband ADSL customers had been experiencing. They also pointed out that fixes for both of the issues had been implemented.

Unfortunately this weeks latest batch of 'ISP Complaints' has brought with it the frustrations of 15 more customers, mostly from those using Virgin’s ADSL broadband service. Thankfully their 'Service Status' page has at least been updated to reflect that the problems continue, although the text itself remains unchanged.

Three of the most recent complaints have been summarised below:

Still diabolically slow - their claim to have fixed it doesn't bear up. Worst night of the last two weeks with only 96Kb bandwidth reported from speedtest. I am frustrated beyond beleif with no potential resolution in sight!

By - Dave

This is the same complaint everyone else is having, terrible performance with regard to latency. I have recently switched over from PIPEX (big mistake imho) where I had no latency problems but customer service/support was shoddy. Moving to Virgin I was given a bigger pipe but seemingly a much longer one.

Pinging to is taking on average 220ms - online gaming is now impossible for me.

By - Chris

Not long ago I switched over to Virgin Media from Tiscali hoping that I'd would get good fast speeds just like the adverts say. Almost straight away I had very low speeds. I was supposed to get up to 8mb (or 5.5 Mb according to their line tests) but I barely got 512k. My download speeds on a good night would be about 20-30kb/s.

Then there is their latency. I play a lot of on line games, so when I switched over, that was the end of Online gaming for me. The pings I get while playing games have been 600ms+ from the day I switched over. It's almost criminal, they promise "ultra fast speeds".

By - Neil

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