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Sarah UKFast | Account Manager

PlateSpin gives green web hosting a boost

PlateSpin Ltd. announced major upgrades to its data center planning and analysis solution. The enhancements will help organisations achieve new operational efficiencies while accelerating the path to environmental responsibility. PlateSpin also announced that their PowerRecon 3.0 now offers medium and large data centers a profitable course to green computing. It gives organisations the unique ability to analyse and report on power and cooling requirements and create plans for reducing energy consumption in the data center. With the threat of rising energy prices and global warming, power consumption is becoming a critical factor for data center budgets. The issue is compounded by high-density equipment such as blade servers, which need a lot of power to run, as well as significant HVAC resources. PowerRecon’s advanced reporting capabilities make it easy to cost-justify green data center initiatives and complete the environmental assessments and validation required to qualify for utility rebates. When PowerRecon is used in conjunction with PowerConvert, PlateSpin’s anywhere-to-anywhere workload migration and protection product, the combined solution effectively automates the green computing initiative. “By consolidating servers into more energy-efficient virtual machine hosts or blade servers, organizations can retire old, power-hungry hardware and optimize underutilized servers to achieve significant savings in power, heating and cooling requirements, resulting in a greener data center,” Stephen Pollack, founder and CEO of PlateSpin, said in a Business Wire release. Source: Top Hosts

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