Total UK broadband connections - 14,365,000

Ofcom has released its latest quarterly Telecommunications Market data tables, which includes a breakdown of total small business and residential broadband connections to Q2-2007. Interestingly BT Retail (Total Broadband) managed to increase its overall market share from 23.9% during Q4-2006 to 25.9% in Q2-2007. The figures break down as follows:
  • BT Retail xDSL (ADSL) - 3,715,000
  • Other xDSL (exc. LLU) - 5,025,000
  • VirginMedia (Cable) - 3,192,000
  • Other inc. (LLU) - 2,432,000
What we found particularly interesting was to compare these results with those that were posted in a similar news item for the Q4-2006 statistics:
  • BT Retail (xDSL) - 3,101,000
  • Other xDSL (exc. LLU) - 5,530,000
  • Cable Modem (Virgin etc.) - 3,059,000
  • Other (inc. LLU) - 1,304,000
Subscribers from both Virgin's cable service and BT Wholesale's third party ISP's have been jumping onto rival unbundled (LLU) based products, no doubt lured in by a mix cheaper prices, bundles and general market acquisition movement. BT has also increased its size considerably, although some of that is down to their purchase of PlusNet.

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