O2 Users to Hold Data-Capping Protest

O2 users are planning protests against the end of unlimited downloads for smartphone users.

Now, the users are fighting back through a Twitter campaign, using the #O2DataDay hashtag. and are proposing a mass download of data on 24 June, hoping that by consuming data all day, the O2 network will come crashing down.

However, the plan has not met with universal approval by O2 users, with many using the hashtag to register their disgust at the plan. "How bloody stupid can you get? To protest against new O2 tariffs, people are asked to bugger up network, thus proving O2's point," said one Tweeter, Budgie, a point that has been re-tweeted many times since.

When O2 announced that new users would have to sign contracts for 250MB, 500MB or 1GB, the company was expecting some sort of reaction from its users, but this sort of protest wasn't what it had in mind. No doubt, the users are hoping that the threat of protest will be enough for the company to change its plans.

That's almost certainly a vain hope. The company has been experiencing problems with its network for some time. In January the CEO, Ronan Dunne, said to the Financial Times, that the O2 network was struggling to cope with usage from smartphone apps, including the iPhone, although other observers have suggested that netbooks could have been to blame.

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