O2 Datacentre Failure Blamed Upon Hot Weather

O2 customers suffered a network outage for several hours yesterday when hot weather caused a datacentre to break down.

"It was very hot yesterday and the airconditioning at our datacentre in Croydon failed," said Bob Dunn, general manager of customer experience at O2.

"It had to be cooled down, and there was a network outage in London,"

The network provider apologised to customers for the loss of service and explained that the air conditioning failure had caused two nodes that carry network data to overheat.

"This resulted in intermittent data access for customers in some parts of the UK. Full service was restored by 1am today."

O2 was Apple's original mobile partner in the UK for the iPhone. In March, the network provider reported a total customer base of 21.3 million, driven by a focus on smartphones, increased commercial activity and reduction in customer churn.

Last November, a power failure to a datacentre stopped all Halifax and Bank of Scotland branches from being able to provide cash machine, over-the-counter and online services for over six hours.

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