ServInt announces new upgrades to its VPS

ServInt, a web hosting provider, today announced it has performed major upgrades on its core line of Virtual Private Server services. It has increased the amount of Random Access Memory allocated to its core line of VPS services, which includes Essential VPS, Signature VPS and Ultimate VPS. Guaranteed RAM allocations on each of the core VPS services was increased by at least 128 MB.

It states that these upgrades will be automatically performed today for all existing ServInt VPS customers. The upgraded VPS services are also available now to new customers.

The company last week articulated that it introduced the flagship product in its VPS line, SuperVPS, a redundant, enterprise-class hosting service. Each service in its VPS line is a powerful replacement for the traditional dedicated server.

Each offers customers increased redundancy while providing the same computing performance of a traditional dedicated server – with significant cost savings.

The company believes that these hosting services are ideal for small and medium-size web-based companies that demand a web-hosting service managed by experienced professionals.

It deems that today's announcement marks the second stage of their comprehensive overhaul of VPS services. Further, it claims to have recently completed significant upgrades to bandwidth and disk-space allocations for its entire VPS line, benefiting both existing and new customers.

ServInt Vice President of Operations Christian Dawson said, "The completion of the second stage of our VPS overhaul demonstrates our industry leadership and our commitment to offer the best possible VPS service value. We've invested millions of dollars in this overhaul and we are delighted to automatically include existing customers in our upgrade path."

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