GlobalSign adds new revenue streams

UK certification authority and security solutions provider GlobalSign announced on Thursday it is offering partners additional revenue streams by offering the most highly featured SSL product and offering high revenue per SSL certificate sold.

Since launching the SSL Partner Program last year, GlobalSign has seen a continuous increase in the number of new partners joining, which includes PrecisionPros.

Earlier this year, the US division of GlobalSign launched the SSL Partner Program for authorized Citrix Solution Advisors, designed specifically for Citrix partners and enabling them to buy discounted SSL certificates.

The company's SSL reseller program offers the most highly featured SSL product with extensive technical, marketing and sales resources. GlobalSign SSL products are organized into three groups, defined by different vetting processes - domain validation, organization validation and EV SSL, which the company says makes it easy to understand and sell.

Since high margins are required for the partner to generate high profits, GlobalSign offers high revenue per SSL certificate sold at SRP £99 where average resellers make £24 with no commitment. The program also offers higher margins on bulk purchase plans, starting at five certificates.

"We do not just offer exceptional margins for such a high value product," says Steve Waite, marketing director at GlobalSign.

"We also offer easy integration and all the business campaign resources to make sure partners have the fastest market launch and ROI possible. We make sure minimal time and effort is needed to add SSL to their portfolios and we recommend companies of all sizes speak to us today about how we can help them leverage the SSL revenue opportunity."

Companies looking to refer other customers to GlobalSign can earn 15 percent cash back from online referrals through GlobalSign's SSL Referral Program homepage.

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