Paragon Software releases new partitioning software

Paragon Software Group, a data security and data management technology provider, announced the introduction of its latest Partition Manager 9.0 Server Edition which it believes will maximize server performance.

With a long and established history of supporting Microsoft operating systems, Paragon Software Group claims to continue that legacy with its latest partition product offering.

Designed to be the safest and most reliable partition solution available, the software offers unmatched compatibility with server hardware and software combined with comprehensive disk partition, backup and recovery options and advanced tools to prevent data loss.

The company states that their Partition Manager 9.0 Server Edition provides a new level of security for partitioning operations and provides businesses with its exclusive Initial Backup Facility.

The Initial Backup Facility provides users with an advanced, yet simple, backup of all critical drive data, such as the Master Boot Record, Track 0, Boot information, the Partition Table and more; all before performing any critical operations.

According to Tom Fedro, president of the Americas division of Paragon Software, "With Paragon Partition Manager 9.0 Server Edition, our clients have the ability to safely split a hard disk into several partitions, optimise the disk space, partition data, convert file systems easily, manage dual boot systems and conduct a host of other advanced partitioning functions.

Our Initial Backup Facility provides a safety net that enables the user to roll back any partitioning operation instantly."

"There are several key benefits to using Paragon's Partition Manager 9.0 Server Edition," Fedro stated. "Key among these are Paragon's sophisticated partitioning features, which enable users to easily, resize, copy and redistribute free disk space as well as merge two partitions or recover accidentally deleted or lost partitions."

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