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Sarah UKFast | Account Manager

Is Wi-Fi dangerous?

We've just uploaded a new ISPreview survey, which asks two questions - 1: "Is Wi-Fi dangerous to human health?" and 2: "Do you use Wi-Fi?". The results from our previous month’s poll can be found below. What computer operating system do you use? Windows XP/2000 - 63.2% Windows Vista - 14.9% Mac OS - 11.4% Linux Based - 7.4% Other.. - 1.4% Older MS Windows OS - 1.3% Total Votes = 942 There will be no surprise that Microsoft’s WindowsXP and 2000 operating systems still dominate our visitors computers with a whopping 63% usage. The latest ‘Vista’ variant has managed to creep in quite quickly though, taking second place with a reasonable 15%. Mac OS users continue to account for 11%, staying in double figures, which is more than can be said for Linux’s more enthusiast orientated market of 7%. Other operating systems, including older versions of Microsoft’s Windows product, barely registered. Source: ISP Review

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