PlusNet launches new gaming servers

UK ISP PlusNet (BT) has added a PlayStation 3 (PS3) gaming server to its portfolio of multiplayer services. Presently it's only running the popular Warhawk title, though the provider plans to add further servers and different games to its collection:

The move follows PlusNet’s recent launch of a number of new games servers hosting PC games. These include Counter-Strike Source, Team Fortress 2, Enemy Territory: Quake Wars, Insurgency and Counter-Strike 1.6.

Access to all PlusNet game servers is free, and open to customers of any ISP. PlusNet customers will enjoy the advantages of lower latency and ping times as they never have to leave the PlusNet network.

The servers went through their final testing phase at PlusNet’s recent local area network (LAN) gaming party at its Sheffield HQ in mid-October. Over 35 gamers from all over the UK descended on PlusNet to show off their skills at games – including Counter-Strike Source and Team Fortress 2 – to win top prizes.

The move follows PlusNet's recent introduction of 'Broadband Your Way Pro', a broadband product designed to prioritise all gaming traffic.

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