Eleven2 releases new customer control panel

Eleven2 Hosting, a web hosting provider, today announced availability of its new VIP control panel. According to the company, VIP is an in-house control panel that gives the customer absolute control of the entire hosting experience including support, billing and domain name management.

The company claims to have built VIP upon the precept of making every task a customer might want to-do much easier and painlessly intuitive.

The company believes that an important feature integrated by them into the new VIP control panel is full domain automation. It asserts that it was one of the most demanded features and it allows the customer to register or transfer a domain without any human intervention.

The company also claims that using this Control Panel, one can control each domain and edit its settings and WHOIS information.

"We have invested a lot of resources into the engineering and implementation of VIP over the past 18 months.

We decided back in July of 2006 to put our full efforts of our design and development team on VIP to give our customer the best experience possible, and even though we have just launched VIP, there is still so much more to come with VIP! That's what I'm really stoked about!" says Travis Weerts, Co-Founder and President of Eleven2.

"We have always put the customer first and it's because of that, that we design custom applications instead of just shelling out a quick straight from the box solution that many of the other hosting companies are using nowadays. We tried some of that stuff back in the day, and it was OK, but the real people that lost were our customers.

They didn't get the integrated user experience, and as a result, got half a product. But those days are over now, and we're moving forward."

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