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Sarah UKFast | Account Manager

Problems with ISP call centres? You’re not alone

Just 4% of UK respondents to a recent YouGov survey have had a positive call centre experience. One third of people get so frustrated that they even resort to shouting and swearing at customer service representatives, which is highly unwise.

In addition to that, what's said over the phone often doesn't match reality. We've lost track of the amount of people that have been told their ISP package was cancelled only for a bill to pop up several months down the road claiming otherwise.

Now a new company, EasyCallRecording, claims to have developed an online solution where calls are logged and can be retrieved as evidence if and when required:

Montague Kobbe, a 26-year-old legal editor from Clapham, has successfully used EasyCallRecording to settle a dispute with his bank. Mr Kobbe emailed the bank’s customer service department with a computer file of a call recording that proved he’d declined a £14.99 per month loan insurance.

EasyCallRecording directors Ben Fry and Paul Sherwood were inspired to develop a consumer call recording service after several bad customer service experiences.

"Poor customer service is so widespread, I’m surprised as much as 4% of the population have had a good experience," says Mr Fry. "People should get in the habit of recording calls. In my experience, it is the only way to effect a change in the way you are dealt with by customer services representatives."

Naturally the service isn't free and can either be paid for as part of a monthly (£4.99) / yearly (£39.99) subscription or via a 10p per minute pay-as-you-go line.

We've always been advocates of recording essential phone calls but you don't have to pay extra. There are plenty of recording adaptors for phone lines about and many MP3 players also have digital dictation features, though they can be fiddly.

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