Comodo innovates new automated provisioning tools

Comodo, a Certification Authority and Trust Assurance Management solutions provider, announced today new additions to its set of automated SSL provisioning tools to simplify the SSL deployment process for the majority of servers used by online merchants.

The company states that the new tools provides process automation efficiency for key functions including private key generation, creation of CSR and even auto installation of SSL certificate. The new automation tools have been developed for both Apache and IIS servers, which represent the vast majority of servers in the market.

The company avers that the deployment of an SSL certificate entails a rigorous and precise deployment process which can be a challenge for eMerchants who only install a new SSL certificate occasionally.

It adds that with their new automated tools it make SSL deployment easier because it both speeds up the process and helps customers avoid commonly made errors that could delay the installation process.

In addition it explained that it developed specific tools to meet the server specifications of Apache and IIS 6.0 servers. Further the automation process to support Apache servers include auto generation of the private key, creation of the CSR automatically and the ability to automatically collect the certificate.

The company described that this auto process is delivered to customers in one file for simpler and faster deployment. For IIS 6.0 servers, Comodo provides free software that will enable a virtual one-step process to automatically generate the private and public keys, automatically create the CSR, collect the certificate and automatically install it onto the server - all by just a simple login into a customer's account.

"Comodo continues to innovate in the creation of leading edge technology to help our customers procure and deploy SSL certificates faster and easier than our competitors." said Melih Abdulhayoglu, CEO and Chief Security Architect of Comodo.

"Comodo recognises that our customer base reflects a diverse set of technical competencies and these new tools are designed to help all eMerchants quickly and efficiently get the SSL certificates on their servers."

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