Nominum Enhances Products for Internet Security

Nominum, a provider of network naming and addressing technologies, today announced enhancements to its Vantio caching DNS platform, two new products, and the new Trusted Response and Universal Enforcement (TRUETM) architecture that leverage the ubiquity, scale and performance of it's technology that currently serves 150 million broadband households. It also states that together, the new products and architecture offer real time protection for all broadband users and devices against a wide range of Internet threats and malicious, illegal and inappropriate content. The company claims that its TRUE architecture and new products offer the following advantages:
  • New revenues through paid subscriber services
  • Reduce cost of helpdesk calls from users victimized by Internet threats
  • Network-wide protection (all users, devices and applications)
  • No impact to users, browsers and applications
  • No privacy issues unlike intrusive approaches
  • Hundred times better price / performance of alternatives
  • No network re-architecture and no new hardware
  • Scales up to a billion malicious Internet destinations
  • Supports multiple threat data sources (best-of-breed)
Going further, the company avers the new products and its TRUE architecture achieve complete coverage of threats to the network and internet user, and maximize effectiveness across the entire broadband subscriber footprint, including new internet-aware devices such as mobile phones. It claims that they provide real-time protection from all forms of web-based malware, phishing, illegal or inappropriate content, and e-mail spam. Likewise, it adds that its Vantio provides four layers of protection against all forms of DNS attacks, including the Kaminsky cache poisoning attack, DoS and DDoS, and birthday attacks "The browsing public, policy makers and industry watchdogs are all demanding greater safety and security while using the Internet," said Tom Tovar, CEO of Nominum. "With Nominum's new offerings, service providers are now uniquely positioned to meet the demand for a trusted Internet experience with technically effective and operationally efficient solutions that don't compromise user privacy or network performance." "Nominum addressed DNS security with layered defenses against the Kaminsky and other vulnerabilities, and is now leveraging its secure DNS foundation to enable a safer and trusted Internet experience," said Dr. Paul Mockapetris, Chairman and Chief Scientist at Nominum and inventor of the DNS. "Nominum allows service providers to protect users with reputation information that doesn't invade user privacy and meets or exceeds legal mandates." No responsibility can be taken for the content of external Internet sites.

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