Cirrus Tech offers near continuous data protection

Cirrus Tech, a Canadian web hosting company, today announced that it has made available to current and potential dedicated server clients new remote backup plans employing R1Soft's Continuous Data Protection software.

The company states that the decision to use R1Soft's CDP software was to provide clients with a more value added service than a traditional backup solution.

It avers that R1Soft's CDP software provides a near continuous backup by taking periodical snapshots of a client's hard disk drive and storing each snapshot as a separate restore point.

The frequency of restore point creation is determined by each client and can be scheduled as little as 5 to 10 minutes apart allowing for a near continuous data protection. It adds that any data transfer that occurs as a result of the backup process will go against the monthly traffic quota.

The company says that its clients will be able to choose the backup plan best suited for their data protection needs. Each plan has a specific amount of backup space and a maximum number of restore points.

Because clients are able to have multiple restore points, they can choose which restore point they would like to use in the case they need to restore their data. It claims that its remote backup plans are designed to be scalable.

It adds that its clients can take advantage of this by choosing the plan that best suits their current backup requirements and upgrade their backup plan when they require more backup space in the future. It further adds that all restore points (backups) created are stored on its backup servers running R1Soft's CDP Server Application.

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