most UK ISP users dissatisfied with their broadband speed

The results from 774 respondents to our latest survey reveals that 58.6% of UK consumers are still not satisfied with the broadband speed they receive from their current ISP and 55.2% would be willing to pay extra for "significantly faster" performance.

While the news bodes well for proponents of faster next generation broadband services, it also suggests that many existing services still fail to meet expectations. This is despite the fact that many would be willing to pay more for something a lot faster.

Are you satisfied with your broadband speed?

No - 58.6%

Yes - 41.3%

Would you pay extra for significantly faster speeds?

Yes - 55.2%

No - 44.7%

What advertised service speed do you subscribe to (pick closest)?

8Mbps - 52.7%

1 to 2Mbps - 13.1%

10Mbps - 8%

24Mbps - 7.3%

20Mbps - 7.1%

16Mbps - 6.5%

50Mbps+ - 3.1%

0.5Mbps (512Kbps) - 1.9%

Total Votes: 774

This month's new survey concerns the latest Digital Britain report and its pledge to bring a minimum broadband speed of 2Mbps to the whole country, especially remote and rural areas, by 2012.

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