Internap powers MOLI networking site

Internet business solutions provider Internap Network Services announced on Friday that MOLI, a "next-generation social media and social commerce site" has partnered with Internap to enhance its web presence.

Specifically, the company says it will be leveraging Internap's route-optimised IP services and international colocation solutions to provide its members with a reliable and consistent online experience.

This partnership comes only a couple of weeks after alerting and response services provider Send Word Now partnered with Internap to enable its customers to distribute mass alerts by phone, text and email during time-sensitive or crisis situations.

Launched in January, MOLI says it is a "one-of-a-kind" destination offering its members professionally-created content and e-stores as part of its social networking experience. It seems this Web 2.0 model has been working quite well for MOLI, which says it received more than 20 million unique visitors last month.

Because of this rapid growth, the company decided to partner with Internap because it would help MOLI provide its users with a seamless experience, whether uploading video or completing a financial transaction, says the company.

"Our innovative IP and colocation technology has become the ideal resource for Web 2.0 businesses like MOLI, which are looking to power expansive social networking sites," says Tim Sullivan, chief technology officer at Internap.

"Through our incomparable resources and 100 percent guarantee, MOLI is able to confidently run and grow its business while providing customers with a high-quality experience online."

Internap says its automated IP route-optimisation technology will instinctively bypasses potential congestion points in MOLI's network, while its colocation services will provide MOLI with customized tools to field demand and continue expansion.

Internap's service level agreement will also ensure reliable network access for MOLI members, regardless of their geographic location, spikes in traffic to the site or the number of users on the site at one time, says the company.

Last week, Internap announced its plans to add around 15,000 square feet of colocation at a new stand-alone 45,000 square foot facility adjacent to its existing Boston data center.

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