Aplus launches Microsoft AdCenter offering

Web hosting provider Aplus.Net announced on Monday that it is launching Microsoft adCenter search advertising services to its lineup of website marketing tools.

This launch comes just weeks after Aplus.Net's last offering update when it rolled out a series of new promotions designed to give customers "an advantage in the competitive online marketplace."

A search advertising service renowned for its innovative approach to pay-per-click advertising, says Aplus.Net, Microsoft adCenter offers benefits such as demographic targeting, ease of use and free support.

It also provides supplemental search engine tools such as keyword generator and keyword optimization, both designed to help users enjoy maximum control over their advertising efforts.

Microsoft adCenter enables advertisers to target their ads directly at a specific demographic, defined by such criteria as age, location, and gender as well as enable users to display their ads during specific times of the day or week.

"Because it lets them reach out to who they want, when they want, Microsoft adCenter helps small businesses get the best possible return on investment for their advertising spend," says Amanda Rusich, Aplus.Net's marketing director.

"Plus, its ease of use fits perfectly into our company's philosophy of lifting the burden of website management off our customers' shoulders and placing it onto our own."

As part of this new offering, Aplus is offering up to $200 in free Microsoft adCenter credit for its Web hosting customers.

Considering itself one of the industry's "longest-running web hosting and Internet services providers," Aplus says it specializes in helping small businesses build an online customer base with a comprehensive range of services that includes shared hosting, dedicated hosting, web design, online marketing, e-commerce and domain name registration.

Earlier this month, Aplus.net named hosting industry veteran Alexander Yevelev to senior VP of marketing.

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