More Than Half of UK Broadband ISP Complaints Go Unresolved

New research has revealed that 54% of complaints made by customers of UK broadband ISPs are not being successfully resolved and 36% of dissatisfied users don't even bother to complain in the first place. The study found that many people have no idea how to complain or what procedures exist to help them.

The BroadbandChoices survey of approx 4000 broadband users found that nearly half (47%) of respondents were completely unaware that their ISP had a Complaints Code of Practice to help resolve any issues. A further 77% did not know that they could subsequently escalate their complaint through an Ofcom approved Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) scheme 8 weeks after contacting their ISP.

Those who chose not to make a complaint when their service went wrong gave a number of reasons for the decision: 33% felt the process would be too much hassle, 23% did not believe their ISP would resolve the complaint and 18% simply didn't know how to complain.

This is of course the very reason why our 'Broadband ISP Complaints Advice' page exists, which offers information and guidance on the correct procedures to follow. It also explains some of the most common problems and offers tips for their resolution.

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