Atempo introduces Live Backup 3.2

Live Backup 3.2 offers multiple administration levels, new reporting tools to support service providers and multi-departmental installations.

Atempo, Inc., a provider of cross-platform data protection and archiving solutions, today introduced Live Backup 3.2, offering storage administrators new levels of flexibility, scalability and data protection for remote and on-site heterogeneous desktop and notebook computing environments.

It states that Live Backup 3.2 provides new administrative and reporting features, improved scalability per server, and also marks their first offering of continuous data protection technology for the Mac OS X and Linux markets.

The company explains that Live Backup now features multiple administration levels, which allow various subgroups to define their own unique policies while a super-administrator can still drive overall backup policies.

For larger organisations, this is a critical new function, which allows data backup policies to be managed by separate departments, improving both cost allocation and billing.

These capabilities also allow service providers to deliver a Software-as-a-Service solution to multiple customers on one server, while ensuring that each customer still has autonomous administrative powers and the ability to set backup policies.

Aiding this business model is Live Backup's significantly improved scalability, which reduces the number of servers required for additional users.

It avers that with its support for Microsoft Windows, Mac OS and Linux systems, Live Backup delivers continuous data protection that automatically and continuously captures and tracks data modifications as they occur on any network-connected desktop or laptop. This cross-platform support gives Live Backup the ability to protect computers and notebooks in an organization.

"Live Backup 3.2 is another important step in Atempo's strategy for delivering one of the industry's most comprehensive and robust solution sets for cross-platform data protection and archiving," said Karim Toubba, VP of marketing and product management at Atempo.

"Live Backup 3.2 opens the door for Atempo to sell into new markets through new business models. We look forward to working closely with our service provider partners to deliver our CDP technology through a SaaS model. Furthermore, Live Backup 3.2 now rounds out a product line that stands apart through its complete support of the vital Mac OS and Linux platforms."

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