ICANN Launches Latest Consultation

The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (icann.org) recently announced that it has launched a public consultation on a key report from ICANN's Generic Names Supporting Organisation.

The GNSO report describes proposed global policies related to the creation of new top-level domains that advance ICANN's mission of preserving the security, stability and interoperability of the Internet, says the organization.

"This is all about providing Internet users with choice. More top-level domains mean more competition, more options and the possibility for more targeted or user-specific domain names," says Paul Twomey, president and CEO of ICANN.

"When coupled with ICANN's current work on introducing internationalized domain names, it is possible that hundreds and, eventually, more than 1,000 new TLDs could be created."

A complete summary and analysis of community feedback will be made available at the end of the comment period and considered by the GNSO Council prior to its vote on the report on September 6. If the Council accepts the policy recommendations, it will be then be considered by the ICANN Board.

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