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Sarah UKFast | Account Manager

Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization (RHEV)

So Red Hat had already released their new and shiny Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization or RHEV in short, a few hours ago. This release, is one of the key milestone for RHEV after being officially announced in February 2009. So what this really means? Virtualization is not something new, in fact its already nearly 50 years since IBM put their Virtualization solutions in their mainframe (and still is doing so on their System Z). But lately the surge of Virtualization hits new heights the last couple of years in the x86 market due to one factor, VMware. Shortly after releasing their VMware workstation to the market in 1999 for the workstation and desktop market, VMware realized in order to be a big hit, it needs to play in the datacenter. So they start to focus their efforts to ensure their solution works reliably on the greatest of workloads and datacenters. The Open Source Community picks up the fever soon after with the Xen Project in 2002. Xen the project and XenSource the company fuels the new technological goldmine and became for a while, the de facto standard. Citrix realized this and bought Xen for USD500 Million soon after. Red Hat, Novell and other Open Source vendors jumps into the Xen fever and introduced it to the world circa 2006-2007 until now but hardly makes a dent into the VMware market either through lack of marketing, less features and I think most important of all IMHO - Manageability. Around early 2007, enters KVM from Qumranet which turns Linux into a Hypervisor. But thats not all, they even build a user friendly web management interface that can manage big numbers of virtual machine, though mostly for Virtual Desktop Infrastructre (VDI) or desktop virtualization. Red Hat then acquired Qumranet and move the direction of the software to also manage the servers.

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