Karoo ISP Threatens to Disconnect Users with Unsecure Wi-Fi

Broadband customers in Hull that either fail to secure their wireless network or share the connection out with neighbours could find themselves being disconnected from the areas only ISP. That appears to be the interpretation behind a recent update to Karoo's (KCOM) terms and conditions (here):

9.6.4 We shall be entitled to terminate the Service immediately if We discover that:

(i) You have accessed the Service using Your username and password on multiple occasions, simultaneously;

(ii) You have permitted (whether knowingly or not) a third party to access the Service using Your username and password; or

(iii) You have permitted (whether knowingly or not) a third party (or third parties) to access the Service using a wireless connection over Your Communications Line.

It's actually not uncommon for ISPs to include terms designed to restrict non-customers from accessing the service (cuts usage etc.) on a residential product, which if followed to the letter would make it legally tedious to have a shared 'family' connection.

In reality this is unenforceable and appears to have been introduced purely as a liability cover, as is so often the case with service T&C's. In addition this term could also prevent use of Fon's Wi-Fi sharing service.

Wireless networks are frequently shared between family members and this is a broadly accepted practice. The TorrentFreak article suggests that the change might in fact be more to do with illegal file sharing, placing more responsibility on the customer for the security of their connection.

To be fair it's not an unreasonable request and many might argue that the computer/network owner is the one most directly responsible for what transpires over their connection. Then again, I.T. can be complicated and others might argue that it's unrealistic to expect everybody to understand it.

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