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Sarah UKFast | Account Manager

British Surfing Habits During June 2007

The latest Nielsen//NetRatings research found that over 30 million Brits went online during June last month and spent 31.8 billion minutes surfing. This compares with 33.5 billion minutes during the previous month of May.

Those connected during June spent their time on the following activities:

Top 10 categories accounting for the most time spent by UK (June 2007)

1. Instant Messaging - 3.4 billions of minutes

2. Member Communities - 2.6

3. Email - 2.1

4. Classifieds - 1.4

5. Games - 1.3

6. Software Manufacturers - 1.2

7. Search - 1.1

8. General Interest Portals & Communities - 1.0

9. Multi-category Entertainment - 0.9

10. Adult - 0.7

It's not completely clear how the statistics themselves are formed, which is important to know since some services are persistently active and yet idle most of the time (Instant Messaging); some results may not be representative of actual human usage.

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