Government committee urges ISP's to cut piracy

The government’s parliamentary culture, media and sports committee has said that UK ISP's must do more to discourage piracy. Thankfully providers will continue not to be held responsible for copyright breaches, yet a new body may be required to monitor the problem.

ISP's often find themselves in a legally grey area concerning the monitoring of online activity and action against customers, but the committee did at least have one idea to solve the problem:

We are not persuaded that an industry-funded body with a remit to examine claims that unlicensed material is being made available on a website cannot be made to succeed, and we believe that the industry should establish such a body without delay.

It’s unclear from this limited statement what the committee has in mind, especially since providers can not remove content from non-customer websites. Indeed most piracy doesn’t even stem from websites, but rather the prevalent forms of peer-2-peer (P2P) file-sharing services.

Many legitimate systems and games use P2P too, thus such services can not be completely blocked and are already restricted by many providers. We can’t help but feel that the committee doesn’t quite comprehend the full scope and scale of what they seek to solve for it is often outside of a provider’s ability to govern.

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