UK broadband ISPs fail to block child abuse images

New Zealand-based internet filtering experts at Watchdog International, which has just opened its first office in the Northern Hemisphere, claims that 88% of "UK broadband suppliers" still do not block access to images of child sexual abuse. They found that 45 ISPs in the UK have to date implemented a system that blocks access to such material, yet over 400 providers have not.

To reach a figure of 400 broadband ISPs (even we can't find that many) would require the inclusion of many vISPs that resell the services of bigger players and should thus not be counted as individual ISPs. Of course Watchdog International has its "cheapest" NetClean WhiteBox; a one-size-fits-all internet blocking and filtering service to plug.

Watchdog International's Internet regulatory affairs expert, Peter Milford, said:

"To date the UK Internet industry has had an excellent track record of fighting illegal content on the Internet, exemplified by the establishment of the Internet Watch Foundation. We must now learn lessons from the excellent work that New Zealand has undertaken to combat the distribution of child sexual abuse images on the Internet. The New Zealand implementation does not distinguish between business or residential connections as participating ISPs filter all connections."

The latest official statistics show that nearly 99% of UK ISPs already block or remove illegal child abuse sites through a self-regulation body known as the Internet Watch Foundation ( IWF ). This result recently caused the government to back down from plans that would have forced ISPs to block related abuse websites, fining or even criminalising those that failed (here).

Watchdog International informs us that the IWF figure only includes consumer broadband lines, while its own statistics add business broadband suppliers.

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