ISP TalkTalk UK Launches Digital Anthropology Report

Broadband ISP TalkTalk ( The Carphone Warehouse ) has launched its Digital Anthropology Report, which claims to offer an insight into how British people use the Internet. The report, which is based on a survey of 2000 people, reveals that the UK can be broken into six very different tribes - from "Digital Extroverts" at one end of the spectrum to "Timid Technophobes" at the other. * Digital Extroverts take the internet for granted and revel in what it enables them to do.

* Timid Technophobes are far less affected by technology changes than the other groups. And despite the rise of the internet, they still represent almost a quarter of Britons (23%).

* Social Secretaries are wholly pragmatic when it comes to embracing technology. Comprising primarily of busy women, juggling a hectic family, work and social life, if technology makes their life easier they're happy to use it.

* Although First Lifers 'would rather surf than surf the internet' they may be doing both. As smart phones become more widespread their users may become internet users without appreciating it, using Skype, Shazam or Google when out and about to find out where the next party is or to keep in touch with friends.

* The E-ager Beavers are the largest tribe by quite a distance, with 29% of the UK adult population. While they use the internet heavily, it is not quite as integral to their work and social lives as it is for the Digital Extroverts.

* Unlike Timid Technophobes, Web Boomers especially appreciate the internet's infinite data resources. The fact that they can access a wealth of information on health, hobbies and history - all from the comfort of their home - fascinates them.

One of the most surprising finds is that nearly a quarter of people are still "Timid Technophobes," despite how integral the Internet has become to our everyday lives. Timid Technophobes are likely to have access to the internet and are able to use it, but they simply prefer not to.

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