Digital Element provides IP intelligence to ABCSearch

Digital Element, a provider of IP Intelligence solutions, announced that ABCSearch, a privately held pay-per-click ad network, has chosen its NetAcuity IP Intelligence technology to provide more accurate targeting for its advertisers.

The company states that ABCSearch has created a strong presence in the marketplace with more than 6 billion searches per month throughout its entire PPC network of targeted search engines and niche-specific directories. It is dedicated to delivering high conversion rates for its clients.

The company avers that it's IP Intelligence provides patented technology which allows businesses to perfect audience segmentation capabilities and targeting based on a comprehensive set of parameters such as geographic location, connection speed, area code, Internet Service Provider, North American Industry Classification System, domain name, demographics, company name, proxies, Designated Market Area/Metropolitan Statistical Area, language, time zone, and longitude/latitude.

CEO Daniel Yomotobian believes that local geotargeting is an good way for advertisers to cut costs and retain a higher return on investment. "ABCSearch's goal is to have our ads targeted as efficiently and effectively as possible to our advertiser's audience, which is why we made the switch to Digital Element's technology."

Adds Yomtobian, "Our advertisers rely on geotargeting to accurately bring their ads to specific locations around the world, and they expect us to use the most accurate and reliable IP Intelligence available.

Digital Element's NetAcuity, because of its reputation in the marketplace and demonstration of exceptional targeting, fit that requirement perfectly."

"Geotargeting is an excellent way for ABCSearch's clients to reduce costs and retain a higher return on investment for their online advertising and search programs," said Rob Friedman, Executive Vice President, Digital Element.

"By incorporating NetAcuity, ABCSearch is giving its clients the solution that will help them achieve their online advertising goals by delivering high conversion rates and ultimately a substantial return on their investment."

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