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Internet use rising as traditional TV declines

Ofcom announced yesterday its second review of public service television broadcasting (PSB), which also revealed that 16-24 year olds watch less terrestrial TV than ever before (down from 74.3% of their viewing in 2001 to 55% in 2006).

It's claimed that people are increasingly turning to other platforms, such as the Internet, as an alternative to traditional TV:

The second PSB review will consider the period through digital switchover and immediately afterwards and focus on traditional public service television services provided by the BBC, ITV, Channel 4 and Five, S4C and Teletext.

However, audio-visual services delivered over the internet and mobile networks are increasingly sophisticated and widespread, offering high-quality content delivered to consumers on their own terms.

The distinctions between content broadcast on traditional television and those delivered on new platforms are increasingly blurred. So there is potential for these new services to offer public service content.

The scope of Ofcom’s review will therefore include non-traditional audio-visual services offered by the existing public service broadcasters on other platforms. It will also examine the prospects for other broadcasters and online producers to deliver content that meets public purposes.

Ofcom will publish a final statement in early 2009, which could have implications for the new generation of Internet TV (IPTV) services.

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