Intel Releases New Classmate PC Specs

Intel has released the latest design for its Classmate PC educational platform.

The company said that it would be aiming for better energy efficiency as well as new designs. Intel said that an updated version of its new Atom processor would power the device, while an 8.5 hour battery would seek to maximize system life between recharges.

As with earlier builds, the new Classmate PC systems will be available both as a traditional clamshell design or as a convertible tablet offering.. The systems will sport a 10.1 inch monitor and can be configured for 3G, GPS or Wimax wireless connections.

The company said that extensive ethnographic research of both students and teachers played a major part in the design and features of the new systems, which have been especially built for portability and mobility as students move between subjects and classroom.

In addition to the new design, Intel said that it would be enlisting textbook publisher McGraw Hill to offer a new line of educational software designed for use with the Classmate PC platform.

Intel first unveiled the Classmate PC programme in 2007. The system targets both educational institutes in developed countries as well as those in rural and developing areas.

Though the system are designed by Intel, the company uses a network of more than 300 partner companies to customize, assemble and distribute the systems around the world.

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