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Sarah UKFast | Account Manager

50% admit to illegal Wi-Fi piggybacking

Have you ever connected to somebody else’s wireless (Wi-Fi) network without permission? If so then you're not alone, Sophos found that 54% of computer users admit to breaking the law by doing just that:

Many internet-enabled homes fail to properly secure their wireless connection properly with passwords and encryption, allowing freeloading passers-by and neighbours to steal internet access rather than paying an Internet Service Provide (ISP) for their own.

In addition, while businesses often have security measures in place to protect the Wi-Fi networks within their offices from attack, Sophos experts note that remote users working from home could prove to be a weak link in corporate defenses.

The survey was conducted between 31st October and 6th November 2007, receiving answers from 560 respondents. It's suggested that people make sure to enable encryption, hide their wireless ID (SSID), use a password, restrict Internet access to certain hours, keep computer security software up to date and use MAC address filtering where possible.

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