F.A.S.T threatens to ban illegal UK file-sharers

The Federation Against Software Theft's (F.A.S.T) boss man, John Lovelock, has responded to last weeks calls by Lord Triesman to clamp down on online software piracy via tougher UK ISP legislation.

Speaking as part of an interview with ZDNet, Lovelock has suggested banning serious offenders from any Internet usage but denied that they would target small-time file-sharers (P2P):

As one of our readers pointed out, copyright infringement is a civil issue rather than criminal — surely you should have to go through the courts?

If we want to take action against individuals, you are right. But we would prefer to collaborate with ISPs. I think where it can be demonstrated to the ISPs that there is evidence which would be admissible in a court of law, but [rights holders' representatives] are happy to provide it to you as a service provider to demonstrate that Joe Soap is using your network for illegal activity, we would ask you to ban him from using your internet connections.

If there's evidence of that person then joining another ISP and then taking up again, we would go to that ISP and say: "Here's the evidence and we don't think they should be allowed to use your network."

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