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Sarah UKFast | Account Manager

Network Solutions encourages ICANN to adopt transaction fee

Network Solutions, an ICANN accredited registrar and web hosting provider, has announced its support for ICANN's provision to make the non-refundable 20 cent per-transaction ICANN fee applicable to domain names deleted during the Add Grace Period.

The company states that this fee is applicable once the level of deletions exceeds 10 percent of a registrar's net new registrations in that month. The provision for this fee has been included in ICANN's FY09 Budget, it adds.

The company says that applying the non-refundable ICANN fee in this manner should eliminate the practice of domain name 'tasting', 'domain kiting' and 'front running' as it would make these practices uneconomical, and will evaporate the incentive to engage in them.

It adds that implementing a non-refundable fee during the Add Grace Period will deflate domain tasters' profits and provide a substantial blow to front runners who use and sell search data for tasting purposes.

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