IBM Advances Enterprise Cloud Computing

Company launches new software, services, clients and partnerships for its Blue Cloud initiative.

IBM, a provider of IT infrastructure services, today announced that it will reveal a series of new products, services, clients and partnerships for its Blue Cloud initiative - through which it is collaborating to develop and test integrated cloud solutions for businesses.

The company states that is extending those capabilities with the launch of Infrastructure Strategy and Planning for Cloud Computing. It avers that this service is composed of a strategy workshop that brings together the business and technical teams for long-term planning and readiness assessment to leverage the full power of existing assets.

The company explains that in addition to this, its design and Implementation for Cloud Test Environments allows clients to build a cloud platform within their own IT environments to safely test new applications. It claims that this test cloud environment can save clients up to 20 percent on improved provisioning time, improving service while also reducing labor costs associated with creating test environments significantly. It further says that in an enterprise, one of the most common risk factors in testing new applications is human error - but because its test environment cloud is built with automation and standardization, the human error factor is minimized.

The company also explains that an emerging computer model for delivering IT-related capabilities as a service, cloud computing promises better ease of use, economies of scale and much greater flexibility in sourcing and adapting to change. The technologies comprising cloud computing - virtualization, SOA, Software as a Service, request-driven provisioning - are technologies that IBM invented or is well-known for excelling in today.

"Enterprise clients need economically compelling solutions that help them run their businesses in smarter ways, while never taking their eyes off of security, resiliency and compliance," said Erich Clementi, General Manager, Enterprise Initiatives, IBM. "Cloud computing leverages many of IBM's core strengths - such as open standards, service management, scalable systems and excellence in data center operations - and gives clients the opportunity to leverage cloud computing's considerable cost advantages, while maintaining the highest levels of integrity, responsibility and control."

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