Hyper-V, at Layered Technologies

Layered Technologies has made available Windows Server 2008 Hyper-V-based virtual private machines, as a provider of "on demand" IT infrastructure.

Hypervisor-based virtual private machines are designed to allow customers to take advantage of the control, efficiency and overall cost-effectiveness of server consolidation and virtualisation.

The release follows on the heels of Layered Tech's recent launch of dedicated servers running Microsoft Windows 2008 and Hyper-V. Layered Tech made the announcement at HostingCon 2008, the premier conference and tradeshow for the hosted services industry.

Jack Finlayson, Chief Executive Officer, Layered Tech noted, "The Microsoft Hyper-V platform allows Layered Tech to deliver a category-leading product that outperforms traditional VPS offerings generally available in the marketplace. These are full virtual machines with complete control over everything, right down to the operating system. Customers now have a greater range of control than ever before, combined with a much higher degree of security and reliability."

As a key feature of Windows Server 2008, Hyper-V allows virtualization of multiple operating systems, including Windows and Linux, all on the same server.

The technology provides a scalable, reliable and highly available virtualisation platform along with a single set of integrated management tools to manage both physical and virtual resources.

Windows Hyper-V also offers large memory support and provides backup/restore, snapshotting and easy transition of virtual servers from one physical server to another.

The Hyper-V-based virtual private machines are delegated virtual instances from top-of-the-line servers, which are either IntelVT (IVT) or AMD-V-enabled processors for true virtualisation.

Windows Hyper-V allows both 32-bit and 64-bit Linux or Windows virtual machines to be created independent of the underlying operating system.

Standalone applications such as Microsoft Exchange and Microsoft SharePoint, for example, will now be able to run on one physical server, allowing users to consolidate multiple systems into a single environment without compromising control, security features or performance.

John Zanni, General Manager of Worldwide Hosting, Microsoft Corp. remarked, "We are excited that Layered Tech is among the first hosting providers to bring dedicated Hyper-V-based virtual private servers to market.

Their offering, combined with the tremendous advantages of a hypervisor-based virtualization tool, will help extend the savings realised through server consolidation and deliver on the vision of true virtualisation.

In addition, Hyper-V will enable Layered Tech to continue to run a heterogeneous environment by running both Windows and Linux on the same server using a single management interface."

Pricing for Hyper-V-based virtual private machines starts at $89.00 per month, and additional virtual machines are available on a pay-as-you-grow basis to support customers' specific needs.

Based in Frisco Texas, Layered Technologies, Inc. is one of the five largest global providers of on-demand hosting and utility computing solutions, providing dedicated, partially managed server hosting solutions primarily for the small and medium-sized enterprise SME market.

They provide customers with the highest quality technology, infrastructure and support services that enable them to operate servers at secure Tier III/IV data centres, while saving them the capital and operating costs typically associated with purchasing and maintaining their own servers at colocation facilities.

Layered Technologies servers and associated network facilities are used by customers to host a variety of Internet-enabled applications, including content and e-commerce Web sites, software as a service ("SaaS") offerings, online multiplayer games, shared Web site hosting services, and streaming multimedia content distribution and delivery, among other applications.

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