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HP - New Tablet Will Run WebOS

An executive from HP has today revealed that the companies new tablet style device will be based upon Palm's WebOS company.

Although experts have predicted this movesince HP bought Palm last month for $1.2bn, today is the first time the news has been announced officially from a member of staff.

The Vice President of PC's at HP's Taiwan operation, Monty Wong has said that WebOS will be used in smartphones and tablets, but not in netbooks made by HP.

Wong suggested that because these tablets are really just compact computers they still do require an operating system. From today's announcement it seems that the current operating system used by HP - Google Android - is just not sufficient as an OS for their new tablet release.

The tablet, which was due to run on Windows 7, will be launched before the end of October this year. Wong promised that a wide range of apps shall be available for the device, hinting that HP will make sure the device can run apps originally designed to run on Palm's smartphones.

Although HP is keen to ensure that the tablet market does not devour their PC market, many experts are predicting that this outcome

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