DedicatedNOW does Virtual Clusters

DedicatedNOW, one of the many hosting providers operating under the somewhat vague description of "managed hosting," announced on Tuesday that it had introduced Virtual Cluster, an offering built on the fairly young utility computing model.

Specifically, DedicatedNOW's Virtual Cluster will be built using the AppLogic utility computing platform developed by 3Tera (

AppLogic is currently in use in a few production environments in the Web hosting business, among them the environment operated by Layered Technologies.

And utility computing has a few more prominent, large-scale implementations, as in the case of Amazon's EC2 and S3 services.

DedicatedNOW says its own Virtual Cluster hosting service will enable small businesses to scale their services easily, where they would be unable to build fully managed clusters themselves.

In its announcement the company offers some of the standard "allows us to accommodate customer demands for availability and scalability," statements.

In a market where hosts are working to determine the right marketing notions and product descriptions around services like virtualization and grid-based offerings, DedicatedNOW appears to be the only company using the term "Virtual Clustered Hosting" (or at least the only one Google knows about).

DedicatedNOW's Virtual Cluster will be available April 1, starting at $299 per month. More specific information about the offering is available at the company's website.

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