freezoka provides hosting to ZendURL users

freezoka, a free web hosting provider, today announced that it will be providing a way for users of ZendURL to move to its service to continue their free web hosting experience on a stable platform; Since, ZendURL closed its own free hosting service on Sunday, March 9th.

It stated that on Thursday, March 6th, company closed a deal to send an email to 120,000 ZendURL users offering 'refuge' at the their service. The message was sent out early on March 7th, and it claims to have received many of ZendURL's old users.

The company articulated that it has added many new users to the their service, and new signups that are a result of the deal which are still taking place. Further it states to have taken this opportunity to simplify its business model.

Based on user feedback, the company eliminated its free gaming and chat services, to again focus one-hundred percent on free web hosting.

"We saw this as an opportunity to extend our world-class free hosting offerings to other users," said Daniel Briere, Administrator and Founder of the freezoka service.

"ZendURL was a great host in its day, but ran into trouble and had to close. freezoka is a very stable company, both financially and technologically, so it only seemed right to find a way to offer our services up to these people who would be looking for a new free host.

We look forward to showing the Web hosting world that freezoka is ready to offer Web hosting for free on a large scale."

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