Host Color adds AtMail software

Host Color, a web hosting provider, today announced that it has added AtMail web mail client to its web hosting plans. It is available for use with all web hosting plans.

The AtMail software includes online web module, it supports POP3 and IMAP servers. It is all Ajax based and quite easy to use despite being feature-rich program. AtMail has online spell checker and address book where you can store your contacts and easily manage your business correspondence, says the company.

"I am glad we announced the installation of AtMail, one of the fastest growing reputation mail software. We already offer three other webmail clients - Iloha Mail, Overlook and Round Cube, but adding AtMail means nothing but another professional offering and flexible option for our clients. They can now move all their mail management under the web based software and virtually have it accessible from everywhere in the world", says Danail Stoychev, from the Marketing Department of Host Color.

"Yes, you can have even video messaging on your AtMail account and what else you can expect from a open source program", he added.

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