UK Internet TV (IPTV) growth spurt continues

Continental Research has released its autumn 2007 'Internet & Convergence Report', which highlights the growth in Internet TV (IPTV) usage. In particular, the number watching shows they have previously downloaded from the Internet has doubled from 1.3m (5% of UK surfers) in 2006 to 2.4m (8%) in 2007.

Those that watched a TV programme broadcast via the Internet (streaming) have increased from 1.9m (7%) in 2006 to 2.9m (10% of surfers) in 2007. The research also found that 40% of Internet users are likely to try out the BBC’s iPlayer video-on-demand service:

There is also substantial interest with internet TV amongst non users. In addition to the 2.9 million who have already watched streamed TV online, a further 2.4 million say they are likely to in the next year. Downloaded TV looks set to grow even faster with current users being potentially swelled by a further 3.3 million likely to download TV.

Helping to explain the growth of internet TV, satisfaction amongst those viewing TV online is generally positive, with only 12% not satisfied with the service overall. The areas with the greatest dissatisfaction relate to the size of the picture and the quality of the sound and picture.

Myring said: “Whilst watching via a PC offers a much greater screen size than watching via a mobile phone (the numbers watching mobile TV has actually not increased in the last year), there is still significant number dissatisfied with the screen size. In a world where TV screens get bigger and bigger, people have a much higher expectation of screen size. When assessing the potential of alternative viewing platforms this needs to be taken into account.”

Interestingly, in a chart of the UK's most used Internet TV services, Channel4's 4OD beat the BBC's iPlayer by 25% to 16% respectively:

• 4OD - 25%

• BBC/ BBC iPlayer - 16%

• Sky Anytime - 12%

• ITV on Demand - 10%

We expect that the interest and recognition of the BBC's brand will ultimately cause its iPlayer to steam ahead.

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