Cisco Named Top Of "Cool IT List"

Cisco has been announced as holding first position in the Greenpeace "Cool IT" leadership list. The list features the 15 largest technology companies and then gives each one a score relating to the efforts to be environmentally friendly.

Greenpeace also specifically praised Cisco for its commitment to slashing carbon emissions by 25 per cent by 2012. Greenpeace also commended CEO John Chambers for his dedication to advocacy work.

Ericsson came in at an admirable number two on the list with Greenpeace complimenting the CEO of Ericsson also, stating that he was: "the boldest CEO of all the tech companies before and during the Copenhagen Climate Summit."

Panasonic and Sony scored lowest on the list for concealing data surrounding carbon emissions. Greenpeace said they would have to do more than just put "words on a website."

"A big reason you see lower scores from Japanese brands, as a group, is there's a lack of evidence of policy advocacy," said climate policy analyst with Greenpeace, Gary Cook.

He continued: "What we need next is stronger advocacy, not just more frequent speeches but really an increase in the quality and the strength of policy advocacy leadership."

Google and Microsoft both appeared in the middle of the list although Greenpeace said that Google was somewhat of an anomaly. Despite scoring highly in the advocacy stakes due to their outspoken nature on the subject of climate change, the search engine giant lost points for concealing data.

Greenpeace has turned its attention lately to cloud computing, and the next Cool IT list is expected to include efforts to manage the carbon footprint of data centres as a scoring category.

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