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Sarah UKFast | Account Manager

New Web Host Goes Totally Solar

Following in the footsteps of some of the Web hosting providers using environmentally friendly energy sources, Web host Greenest Host said this week it is launching 100 percent solar-powered services, based out of San Diego, California. The company operates a 2,000 square-foot data center located in the Southern California desert, powered entirely by solar panels. According to its founders, the company's objective was to create a way for end consumers and small businesses with environmentally conscious values to build their Web sites in a way that complements those values. Though the up-front cost of solar panels can be high, Greenest Host says solar panels tend to pay for themselves over time. And considering the rising cost of energy, the company feels it is protecting itself against the rising cost of energy, in a sense. Greenest Host's 600 servers are powered directly by the panels during the day. At night they are fed by batteries that store the excess energy collected during the day. The company also has a propane-powered backup generator on site. The company is also employing AMD Opteron servers it says use 60 percent less energy and generate 50 percent less heat than the previous version. It is currently installing a “green roof” - a layer of soil and vegetation that it says will reduce cooling and heating requirements by 50 percent. Greenest Host will make its services publicly available August 1. Source: The WHIR News

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