Broadband benefits Gov’s Work Wise UK plan

The government has suggested Telecommuting as part of its wider 'Work Wise UK' plan, which is aimed at getting employers to reduce the impact of travel on staff and overall congestion.

Given that 9m UK households now have broadband, it's suggested that if all commuters could work just one day a week at home traveler numbers would fall by 20%:

Phil Flaxton, chief executive of Work Wise UK, said: "As is seen every summer with schools closing and annual holidays, even a small fall in the number of people traveling alleviates road congestion and public transport overcrowding. Wider adoption of smarter commuting will allow the levels of travel in the summer to happen all year round.

If everyone traveled one day per week outside peak hours, commuters during peak hours would drop by 20 per cent, or if everyone worked just one day every other week from home, overall commuting would drop by 10 per cent. We have all seen what the impact could be on the roads and public transport."

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